Jared Diamond's new book argues that bilingualism and multilingualism can improve our health and wealth as a nation.

Diane Ravitch's blog PISA Day: Don't Believe Arne Duncan's Orchestrated Hype and Spin, that called Asia Society and our partners in PISA Day conspiracists is wrong. There is no conspiracy.

Asian countries top OECD's PISA survey of best school systems worldwide. See what they do well.

What is the best way to nurture a peaceful and prosperous future? Citizen diplomacy, even at the youngest level, one author contends.

One million data points show a stunning gap between demands of the global economy and workforce preparedness.

Children today see and interact with far-away relatives before they can even talk. It's a wonderful thing. So why does it stop in so many classrooms? Here are some ideas for videoconferencing projects.

Two lessons from Singapore strike me every time I visit: business is intricately involved in the education system and there are no dead ends.

Ingredients of a real-world, interdisciplinary curriculum.

Five things any afterschool program can do to give youth the global experiences they need to thrive in an interconnected world.

Some lessons from Singapore on investing in students and teachers.


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