How to develop a supportive setting for language teachers.

The study of the life of Jiro Ono, raises several interesting questions for our own craft, teaching languages, and the answers may help us refine what we do on a daily basis.

How to define teaching quality, how to evaluate teachers, and what use to make of the evaluations. A report from an international summit.

States are showing support for language learning and a fully integrated globally competent education

Governments can prevent school failure and reduce dropouts using two parallel approaches: eliminating education policies and practices that hinder equity; and targeting low-performing disadvantaged schools.

How to focus school leadership in a way that makes sense.

A look at how other countries are examining their language policies as part of workforce development strategies.

Careful language planning and policy implementation has helped Singapore to consistently perform well on international student achievement tests.

It's International Mother Language Day, designated by UNESCO. In an age of globalization, linguistic diversity matters, too.

Students have a deep understanding of what works for them as they prepare for the global innovation economy. Just ask them.


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