This is an incredible school redesign story. In Bangladesh, 20% of the country goes underwater each year. Severe flooding prevents students from attending school for a good portion of time. In any given year, dozens if not hundreds of schools are destroyed. Even more schools are shut down because kids cannot get to school. In Easy Like Water, filmmaker Glenn Baker shares the inspirational story of how a community came together to build solar-powered floating schools. Not only can students attend school year-round, they can take part in digital learning. See for yourself: "Showing people overcoming adversity with do-it-yourself innovations ...

So what does it say that educated parents of means pay $40,000 for a new school to receive an education that explicitly states it will provide a global view, second language learning, and study abroad as its core tenant?

Decades of empirical research about how individuals learn, however, provide valuable insight into how pedagogy can address the need for 21st century skills.

How many times a week do you hear the term "college and career ready"? If you're like me, quite a bit. There are many definitions of each. But a now there is an effort to bring clarity to career readiness. My colleague Heather Singmaster reports. By Heather Singmaster "To be career ready in our ever-changing global economy requires adaptability and a commitment to lifelong learning, along with mastery of key knowledge, skills and dispositions that vary from one career to another and change over time as a person progresses along a developmental continuum." -Building Blocks of Change report Yesterday the ...

The similarities between the skills of global competence and those of deeper learning are quite clear.

Middle school students are at a turning point between childhood and high school. Research shows that these adolescent minds are incredibly curious about the world around them. Judith Conk, senior consultant to Asia Society International Studies Schools Network, explains why it's critically important to make global learning part of an innovative approach to student engagement. By Judith Conk A fresh emphasis on innovation and global competence sends a new imperative to middle level schools that is both exciting and challenging. Schools must provide an education for each student to prepare them for success in this rapidly changing world rather than ...

I've shared a lot of perspectives on this blog—my own and others'—on global competence. Too rarely, admittedly, does it include student perspectives on what it means to become globally competent. Starting today, I hope to remedy that. Noemi Gonzalez is a graduate of University High School in Tolleson, Arizona, where she worked with other students to raise funds in support of Afghan women's education. The process of researching real-world issues and taking action in an authentic way had a profound impact on her career goals and perspective on the world. She is now a sophomore at Arizona ...

Presidential candidates present mixed signals on education.

Research on language immersion education has heralded benefits such as academic achievement, language and literacy development in two or more languages, and cognitive skills.

Research on language immersion education has heralded benefits such as academic achievement, language and literacy development in two or more languages, and cognitive skills.

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