I just returned from a globe-spanning trip, but I won't tell you about my travels. I want to tell you about how ideas travel. Good ideas about education and educational policy spread throughout the world, and have for a long time. In every country in the world, and in every city, the purpose of education is the same. It is to develop within children the knowledge, capacities, and dispositions that will enable them to live, work, and contribute to society. In the past, that society may have been a relatively small circle of people who had scarce contact with other ...

How Asia nations appreciate teachers: three lessons.

School reform movements are not unlike salsa dancing: one step forward is sometimes quickly followed by one step back. With school reform, unlike great salsa moves, these steps are neither coordinated nor much fun. Two weeks ago, the Obama administration proposed increased funding and autonomy for states to work with the private sector to align academic skills with workforce needs. Among other things, the new career and technical education (CTE) plan calls for better collaboration and accountability from all stakeholders, including school districts, universities, and the private sector. Many countries have already aligned their education system to workforce needs—and ...

Worldwide, education leaders are asking how to transform the process of teaching and learning to better equip students with the skills they will need in the 21st century economy.

Traveling thousands or miles or just one mile can provide students many opportunities to engage with the world in meaningful ways.

With vision, design, resources, persistence, and a little bit of luck, school-to-school partnerships are treasure troves for student learning and educators' professional growth.

Eight types of hashtags for educators who teach about and connect with the world.

Innovation and success started, as it often does, with visionary leaders working with the community.

Whether you are more on the "collaborate" side of the house or more on the "compete" side, it's clear that early language learning should be a national priority and one that can make our young people both smarter and safer.

A common trait high-performing school systems share is they systematically adapt and implement international best practices. No country or district can simply copy what another has done; new policies must fit within their own cultural and political contexts.


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