We cannot sustain our standard of living, much less our security, if we don't somehow find a national will for excellence with equity and in great haste.

Some online games lead to real-world learning and action. Learn more and try some games for yourself.

Online games test students' knowledge, build complex thinking skills, and some even require players to make decisions that help them understand the complex nature of global issues. Learn more and try some games for yourself.

The second International Summit on the Teaching Profession has come and gone. Here are some of the key lessons that emerged and their relevance to the United States.

International best practices in education has grabbed the headlines. But what about the best practices in American education?

Whether you celebrate or bemoan the #KONY2012, ask questions to spur powerful learning around global competencies.

I spoke with leaders from Hong Kong, Japan, and Shanghai about global economic recovery, and how education and human resource development are important factors to determine economic strength in the long run.

The Global Competence Planning Rubric for school districts focuses on four areas key to the development of global competence: Leadership, Resources, Professional Development, and Curriculum and Instruction.

Countries around the globe are reforming national and regional education policies to increase access and raise student achievement, but no policies will succeed unless there is stronger capacity at the school level to raise the efficacy of teachers and to enhance teaching and learning.

Reading and book clubs go digitial, and global.


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