Arne Duncan on the International Summit on the Teaching Profession

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan shares his report from the 4th International Summit on the Teaching Profession.

Excellence and Equity: Policy Lessons From Around the World

The theme of this year's International Summit on the Teaching Profession was "Excellence, Equity, and Inclusiveness" and addressed some high-priority questions for the participating countries including how can high-quality teachers be attracted to schools with the greatest needs? And what are the levers for improving equity in increasingly devolved education systems?

Four Reasons Why You Should Teach About Religion in School

Teaching about religion is essential to the creation of respectful learning environments that adequately prepare students for an increasingly diverse and connected world.

Lessons From Shanghai's Professional Learning System

Shanghai approached teacher professional development by building on tradition and adapting what they saw as the best ideas from other countries, including England, Finland, and the United States. Learn more.

Is Travel Necessary?

Can one be globally competent without leaving the country? We explore this question.

Language, Literacy, and Identity

Chinese and American English languages both evolved in an effort to increase literacy rates. An interesting historical perspective.

The New 'It' Language

Why computer programming is the "it" language for the global innovation age.

How to Teach for the Global Innovation Age

A new graduate-level teaching certification focuses on the knowledge and skills needed for the global innovation age.

Myths and Realities of International Field Experiences

It is time to debunk the myths around student teaching abroad, perpetuated by colleges of education. I often meet with teacher educators who express an interest in providing overseas student teaching opportunities, but find the barriers too great. As I listen to these challenges, I have started to see a pattern emerging of commonly cited barriers—most of which are viewed as impossible to overcome. Not so. I have done research on international student teaching in the United States in order to get a better grasp on the availability of these programs and a better sense of how they operate....

A Strong Start for Teachers

New report highlights global best practices in recruiting and inducting new teachers into the teaching profession.

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