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A Las Vegas high school is slated for honors as a "high-achieving turnaround school," even though it has a graduation rate of 55 percent.

School districts are requesting waivers to avoid offering Louisiana's new "career track" diploma.

A new report dissects the debate around ways to calculate the graduation rate.

High School Connections is now on Twitter.

The Alliance for Excellent Education says ESEA reauthorization is needed sooner rather than later.

A new report shows that 20 states now report their high school graduation rates using a common calculation: the four-year-cohort rate.

The guidelines for states applying for "Race to the Top" money suggest directions for high school policy.

A draft of the common "college and career ready standards" is circulating and getting a mix of reactions.

A new report shows that high school dropout factories are concentrated in 17 states.

A group representing middle and high schools urges support for more money in Title I school improvement grants and a requirement that 40 percent go to those schools.

New York City comptroller and mayoral candidate William Thompson Jr. releases an audit that finds the city's high school graduation rate hasn't improved as much as city leaders say it has.

"Multiple pathways" means different things in New York and in California.

Detroit school board sues financial manager over high school plan, saying he's overstepped his bounds.

AEI critiques Obama's community college proposal.

Questions about the future of Chicago's High School Transformation initiative.

Arne Duncan joins Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick to announce proposed charter expansion. Will this offer any help for high schools?

The latest NAEP data show the racial achievement gap narrowing more among younger students than among older ones.

A new report suggests that the future jobs market will demand employees with vocational training and associate's degrees even more than those with bachelor's degrees.

Detroit hires outside companies to revamp most of its high schools.

Pennsylvania announces a proposed compromise to allow the development of high school end-of-course tests, and the California state board of ed throws its support behind preserving that state's exit exam.

The U.S. Department of Education awards grants to help migrant teenagers earn high school equivalency certificates and succeed in college.

Instead of relying on metal detectors and the presence of police, these schools focus on strong relationships and student support.

Louisiana approves the creation of a career track diploma.

The program, modeled after a similar one in Kalamazoo, Mich., gives college money to students who meet certain academic criteria.

The groups organizing the initiative for common standards release the list of names of those drafting the first set.

A report issued by backers of Arne Duncan's turnaround efforts says the Windy City's high schools are "abysmal."

The school board will decide whether to let Birmingham High School become a charter.


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