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Americans think only two-thirds of freshmen finish high school on time.

Newsy tidbits from here and there.

A new report shows promising signs from 25 small high schools in Philadelphia.

Proposed regulations for Title I school improvement grants single out middle and high schools as a category of recipients.

The governor of Nebraska wants students to take more rigorous high school courses and boost in the number that ultimately graduate from college.

Scores have been ticking downward since the new SAT was introduced in 2006.

Michigan is the only state in the country that requires students to take Algebra II in order to graduate. But maybe not for long. Legislators there are considering making Algebra II optional. This would undo Michigan's move in 2006 to require it for graduation. The Senate and House are considering different versions of the change, but both would allow students to meet the Algebra II requirement through career and tech ed courses. The sentiment behind the backtracking is familiar: fear of an impending train wreck of dropouts. Michigan's governor, Jennifer Granholm, who signed the 2006 law, is holding out for ...

A set of new reports finds "little dramatic improvement" so far from Chicago's high school reform.

ACT scores have little to celebrate.

Scholars weigh in on cash rewards for learning.

Things are improving in the turnaround at Chicago's Fender High,

Pennsylvania board of education approves a set of exit exams.

A Dallas middle school uses a time capsule project to keep kids in school.

New Texas grad rules could backfire, some say.

Six states have success expanding students' access to AP.

College readiness buzz persists into the heat of August.

Texas proposes a workplace ban on hiring high school dropouts.

You have probably heard that some districts have been experimenting with cash as an achievement incentive. A program in New York City is laying out some hefty change to get its students to pass AP tests. Obvious questions arise about the wisdom and effectiveness of rewarding students this way for wading into AP. It's just another intriguing facet of the debate about AP gatekeeping. It's been cycling over and over so much that it needs its own theme song. (any suggestions?) It used to be commonplace for schools to admit to AP classes only the students they perceived as most ...

Graduation Rate Is "Bogus," Principal Says

Detroit's high school turnaround plan is questioned.

A bit of friendly argument about whether a state accountability system should bestow honors on a high school that graduates only half its students, even though its test scores rose impressively.


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