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How to Peer Into John Easton's Mind

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John Q. Easton, the man that President Obama plans to nominate to head the

Institute of Education Sciences hasn't been making many public statements about his vision for education research.

But Easton has dropped some hints about where you can go to get a flavor of his thinking on that subject. It's a report called Consortium on Chicago School Research: A New Model for the Role of Research in Supporting Urban School Reform. The publication chronicles the 19-year history of the research group that he heads and describes its unique conception of the role that education research can play, working in partnership schools and districts, to improve learning in urban schools.

Even if you don't give a fig about federally funded education research, you might want to check out the report. The consortium's model for bringing research to bear in the service of local, on-the-ground school reform is catching on in other cities, including New York, New Orleans, and Baltimore.

Happy weekend reading!

1 Comment

Thanks, Debbie, for calling attention to this excellent report from the Chicago Consortium. Knowledge Alliance gives a very big fig(?!) about federally funded education research and development. We are so pleased with the nomination of John Q. He understands better than most that the future of R&D in education depends upon how effectively it delivers practical and innovative solutions to the most pressing problems of practice in schools. Bravo to his work in Chicago. Let's take it national!

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