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Does Majoring in Education Make You More Religious?

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My colleague Sean Cavanagh, over at Curriculum Matters, yesterday highlighted an interesting working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research on links between the choice of a college major and one's religiousness. One finding that caught my eye: Very religious people tend to choose education as a major, stick with it, and become more religious over time. In comparison, students who major in the physical sciences or social sciences become less religious.
I'm not surprised. I suspect that many teachers feel the need to turn to prayer quite often in the course of a day. What's the old saying about "no atheists in foxholes"?

1 Comment

I'm not surprised either.

Education is and must be service to others. America's great religious traditions call on believers to serve and our religious communities nurture them as they work. It's not surprising to hear that faith and professionalism fit together in thousands and thousands of educators lives.

Yeah, I grinned, wanly, at the foxhole crack.

If you want to hear some full-on belly laughs, try staffing even just one school by recruiting libertarian Ayn Rand proteges dedicated to maximizing their own potential.

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