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Mitt Romney: Clueless on Education

As I forecasted in my 2012 predictions, Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination for president, and he is on a path to secure the necessary delegates in June. So now is a perfect time to examine his support for children, education, public schools, and teachers. Some may think using the term "clueless" is harsh, but upon my review of his record, I cannot think of a better descriptor. When it came to education, Presidents Obama, Clinton, and even George W. Bush were passionate about education and the transformative impact it could have on children. Romney on the other hand ...

The Arts Gap in America

We have a major arts equity issue in this country. And, we have a major denial issue about the power of the arts in driving student achievement. Who gets hurt? Of course, as always, the poor children of America are the have-nots. The facts don't lie. Recently, Education Secretary Arne Duncan spoke eloquently about this issue. He called for all schools to be "arts-rich." He lamented that the arts opportunity gap is widest for children in high poverty schools. He said, " Low-income students who had arts-rich experiences in high schools were more than three times as likely to earn a ...

Three Key Players for 21st Century Skills

As I sat in the audience of the International Summit on the Teaching Profession listening to ministers of education and union leaders from around the world discuss 21st century skills, I could not help but wonder if other countries were once again going to take American ideas and use them to surpass us. The United States began having serious conversations about a framework for 21st century skills almost 10 years ago. Books have been written, some school districts have created excellent practices, politicians have talked the talk, and still, we have not fully integrated these skills into our academic content. ...


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