Accountability, Assessment, and Atlanta: Lessons for Educators

No longer is it about how one teaches, it is about what children learn. The stakes have changed.

Addressing Mental Health Concerns: A Key to School Improvement

How should society's schools address the many factors interfering with teaching and learning?

Changing Expectations Can Improve Student Achievement #TBT

Changing the way teachers think about their students and their expectations of them may be the key, the missing piece to all the hard work being done in schools to help all students achieve.

Leaders' Integrity Can Grow One Decision at a Time

The leaders' capacity to be consistently unbiased, fair, and equitable as decisions are made establishes the values a school and its community hold, and increases the trust they have in their leader.

Policy Leaders: Stop Blaming Educators and Help Us Change the System Instead

Come together and build a new design to offer an alternative rather than waste creative energy trying to find new ways to tear down the existing schools and the professionals who work in them.

Will New Teacher Evaluation Requirements and Increased Focus on Standardized Testing Have Any Positive Results?

How can we assess teachers as doing a good job or not, if the system in which they are working does not allow for designing the learning opportunities required to prepare their students?

Leaders Need the Wisdom of Owls

In order to move organizations forward, to create new coalitions, develop visions and strategies to build the future as it emerges, generative listening is required of the leader.

Are Schools Developing the Next-Gen Woman Leaders?

As educators, how girls and boys are treated and how adult behaviors are viewed can impact this next generation of men and women and their attitudes about women's role in leadership.

Evaluation Season: Do You Calculate or Motivate?

Is the purpose of the evaluation to measure a place on a continuum of professional achievement OR to identify strengths and areas for improvement that result in more successful learning for students?

Lead School Change With 'Colliding Worlds' Inside

Leaders cannot create a vision with teachers and parents and students and colleagues, if they do not know what the world holds as it waits for our students to arrive at college or career.

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