Want Your Students Engaged? Gaming Holds Some Answers

Why not look past our beliefs that games are about shooting, killing, and other bad things, and allow ourselves to become jealous of the success games are enjoying while teaching children and adults alike how to research, learn, fail, succeed, teach, communicate, and graduate (level up) to new frontiers?

Internet and Empathy, Compassion, and Respect

How can we maximize the capacity of this extraordinary communication medium and attend to our ever-increasing need for empathy and compassion to endure as a human speices? While we lead the use of technology as a vehicle for communication, teaching and learning, we need to wrestle with these questions about visibility, empathy and compassion.

Throwback Thursday: Take the Tiger by the Tail - CC Math, For Example

The political belief is that setting a national standards' bar is the answer to improving education for all students. Some say it is a daunting charge, and some say it is an unattainable one. No matter the feelings that exist around the Common Core Standards, until and unless things change, we are implementing them.

What Can We Learn From Captain Ron Johnson?

In order to lead well in these times, certain leadership attributes and behaviors may be more essential than ever. Captain Ron Johnson's model is one that informs.

Compassion in the Classroom: A 'Real Strength' for Education

Compassion is education's water; it not only can help quench the thirst for social-emotional learning but it can cut through the rigidity of standardized-test based education to foster holistic learning.

Throwback Thursday: Responding to Depression in Our Schools

On this #tbt, the good news is we continue to learn about depression and share the data. The challenging news is, as the numbers reported are becoming larger, our knowledge about how to address these struggling children may not be growing.

Make Each Child the Focus: Organize the Year Around Questions

Let this year be one in which more students find their place in a welcoming school and classroom. Plan for it to be the year when every student's path to success is achieved because we were able to keep that as the focus of our work...all year long.

Tacoma School District's Journey: The Apology to Mr. Gaylord

Forty-two years later, we cannot make up for the mistakes of an unfortunate past, but we can at least acknowledge them and let those affected know that regret doesn't end when the old guard moves on.

Throwback Thursday: Achievement, Assessment, and Accountability

If we continue to focus on student growth and improvement as learners, keep track of that progress, and watch its impact on standard test results, will we be able to know if what we are doing is helping students develop as learners and thinkers.

No Textbooks: A New Responsibility for Teachers and Leaders

The move away from textbooks must be accompanied by a responsibility to create the time, space, and guidance in which teachers can research new resources and use them to transform the work being done in and outside of their classrooms.

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