Leaders: Your Mental Health Matters

It is our belief, that the capacity to promote well-being can only spring from a leader's capacity to create and maintain their own well-being.

Common-Core Test Results: A Reflection of Convoluted Policy

Educational leadership calls for both knowledge and wisdom. Both are needed now, it seems, more than ever.

K-12 Leaders: Here Are the '5 Whys' to Solving Problems

Ask questions that provoke thinking and reflection, get us in touch with feelings, invite insights and intuitions, and place the control of the conversation in the hands of the person answering the question.

Extending Welcome to New Leaders

As new leaders arrive, help them understand, deeply and quickly, what holds the district together and why "we do these things here."

Develop Lifelong Learners in One Step

Yet do we socialize students from the very beginning to be confident lifelong learners? We might not.

'Teachers' Lounges' Are Hubs of Connectivity and Collaboration

To assume that teachers gather in a lounge to spend time whining is to assume the leaders either ignore it, allow it, or are part of it. The insult touches us all.

Head Off Stress: Set Goals That Include Work, Home, Community, and Self

What if goals were limited and crafted to invite attention to all of the four domains: work, home, community, and self?

Will Public Education Survive?

Some of us are not built to be self-promoters or leaders of movements but these are essential for educational leaders now.

Listening, Not Feedback: A Powerful Way to Improve Well-Being and Performance

Given that listening appears to contribute to the wellbeing of the individual, the wealth of the economy, and for peace, I invite educators to think about investing in teaching listening, starting at the primary school.

Education Leaders: Don't Discount the Importance of School Culture

Developing and sustaining a learning organization capable of growth is one of the most important jobs of school leaders.

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