Body, mind, and spirit wellness provide the foundation for healthy leaders and through them healthy leadership.

Branding, broadcasting, and promoting a school and district are an important part of the leader's role. There are steps to take before beginning.

Principals, and all other school leaders, will find success when their work is based on these 3 fundamental qualities.

There are certain speeches and poems and letters with words so well connected that they always move minds and hearts. When and why did we stop requiring students to read, recite, and memorize those words?

The young geniuses who sit in today's classrooms are filled with questions and waiting to discover answers. They need others to join them and create the ethical boundaries of their discoveries.

Schools' investment in the arts is a contribution to our society and it is important work. The arts are central to the human experience.

We cannot come to our work tired, or sick, spiritually or physically. We must take care of each part of us that is required to be present in our work.

It is important to fight for the reduction of standardized testing required. At the same time educators need the time and energy to spend on developing ways to monitor how students are developing those other skills and capacities.

One of the most challenging leadership responsibilities may be communicating to external audiences and rally people to support the movement forward.

If we want to be strong and effective leaders, stepping back and gaining balance is the heart remedy.


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