It is time for us to listen to each other and learn how to help each other dig with intentionality past hateful words to the source of the hate and lead the children through this difficult time.

Even when the stakes are low, you still need to know how to handle defeat. It was this driving principle that motivated teacher Laura Pasek, a third and fourth grade general studies teacher, to conclude her simulation of a presidential election with the drafting of acceptance speeches--and concession speeches.

What have we done to make school environments safer for children with mental health issues and the ones they may hurt? What have we done for the hearts and minds, and yes, the illness some hold within?

Today is a day to reclaim civility - formal politeness and courtesy - in our behavior and in our speech. If we don't our actions will drown out any words that we might utter and we collectively will bear the blame for the society that we create.

As 21st century changes arrive in curricula, manner of teaching and assessing, it is time to pull ethics out of the shadows and make it part of the content, practice and actions of adults and of our teaching.

Everyday the news reports that people reveal that they are stressed, nervous, fearful and 'can't wait for the election to be over'. Don't think this doesn't filter into the lives of children.

Access to universal Pre-K, while critical in early childhood education -- is not enough to raise floor for every child.

Ignoring chronic absenteeism as out of reach is a foolish stance although addressing it may call for some courage and preparation for backlash.

Without a centered, recharged, clear, and thoughtful leader who has attended to mind and spirit as a habit for life, the likelihood of wearing down and emptying a leader to a point of burn-out is likely.

Elementary and middle schools can narrow the gap so that more students who arrive at STEM shifted high schools can already have developed skills in problem solving, collaborating with other students and professionals, critical thinking, and communicating.


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