A difference can be made as we work with our students to recognize and acknowledge the bias that exists, to call it out when it exists, and to develop the inner strength to walk the tough path of trailblazers.

The road to preparing young people to live in the world where the economy is based on innovations fueled by science, technology, engineering, and math is to teach them how to see connections, think critically, alone and with others, create, collaborate, and communicate.

Professional Development as we knew it, can't survive as a choice from a menu or stand alone activity that may not even impact classroom instruction or the culture that exists in the building

Ongoing personal development is essential for successful, sustainable leadership.

Since we hold the work close and it is always somewhere in our thinking, allowing attention to disconnect may just be the route to more innovative solutions.

Practicing mindfulness leads to an increased ability to focus and concentrate, greater self-awareness, reduced stress, increased empathy, and improved impulse control.

Every decision and every change leavens possibilities; some we plan and others surprise us. Our message is: Leaders, know yourself and be yourself.

Leaders can invite all in a building to become more alert to language; the risk is worth it and the trust that is built transforms.

The impossible task of motivating people to change their practice while evaluating them (rating them) is now not only expected of the principals, but of their supervisors as well.

Justice Scalia's remarks related to higher education, but their roots lie deeply buried in K-12 education.


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