If professional athletes and musicians need coaches, why not superintendents and principals who are at the top of their game but find themselves in a new situation or a new crisis or want to learn how social media can help the district?

Goal setting and goal attainment are locally controlled and can change how people feel about coming to and doing their work.

Relationships can be built or broken by a miscommunicated thought left unexplored.

This Common Core business is not faring well and the students who are meant to be the beneficiaries are too often floundering along.

The best leaders know how to maintain relationships and respect from both sides of an issue even when strong differences exist.

Maybe now is the time to scour school buildings for signs, symbols, and rituals that unwittingly teach lessons unintended.

This summer can be a time not only of renewal for leaders but a time to learn more and allow a new vision for the future to emerge.

Now is an opportunity to reach out to the parents who have become actively engaged in a movement to protect children from the stresses of over testing, and capture their interest and energy.

It is the assessments and how they are used that is the heart of the issue.

Teachers and leaders: Racism detected in schools can more easily be eradicated than that which seeps, undetected, into and through the growing years of a child.


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