The system and structures that need to change are not just in education.

Student achievement can only improve when the creation and maintenance of a healthy and safe environment for all is a shared responsibility.

Even if there were an offering for objective investigation techniques, it might not be chosen because of reluctance to take precious time away from the day-to-day demands of leading schools.

We need to return to values and to the common ground that was held when public education became a part of the fabric of our society.

No longer is it about how one teaches, it is about what children learn. The stakes have changed.

How should society's schools address the many factors interfering with teaching and learning?

Changing the way teachers think about their students and their expectations of them may be the key, the missing piece to all the hard work being done in schools to help all students achieve.

The leaders' capacity to be consistently unbiased, fair, and equitable as decisions are made establishes the values a school and its community hold, and increases the trust they have in their leader.

Come together and build a new design to offer an alternative rather than waste creative energy trying to find new ways to tear down the existing schools and the professionals who work in them.

How can we assess teachers as doing a good job or not, if the system in which they are working does not allow for designing the learning opportunities required to prepare their students?


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