Even with little funding, the work of experts, authors, and bloggers can be accessed and facilitated in EdCamps, Google Hangouts, flipped meetings and other creative digital and face-to-face opportunities for faculties and leadership.

The National Science Teachers Association's ability to reach science educators across the country is unmatched, so we're excited to partner to provide administrators and teachers the tools needed to prepare students to become the innovators of tomorrow.

Administrators, whether a school principal or a district or instructional leader, need to know and understand the changes that need to be made in science instruction, to understand what the new science teaching and learning will look like in the classroom and realize the teacher professional development, support, and resources needed to achieve this vision.

There are questions about the value of national standards, the appropriate nature of some of the standards in the earlier grades, and angst about the use of standardized testing to change teaching and learning and evaluate students and teachers.

How important is it to learn how to win and how to lose and the values associated with each place?

Awards, which are really an example of the highest grade, are effective only if those being graded have the information about what they are being graded on and how.

Just as with reading, it is best that the principal (and superintendent) model and lead as a writer.

Test scores and graduation rates are best celebrated as valid markers of improvement if we know how we got there.

The type of change needed requires acceptance that school reform is dependent on the development of individuals and of crucial, interdependent connections within and beyond the school community.

"The Imitation Game" offers an example of what a STEM-based school could accomplish.


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