We are not the only profession being besieged with negativity, disagreement, and anxiety. We are simply one part of this world engaged in grinding gears, building boundaries, captured by disagreement and fear.

A decision to change start times in a school district is one of the most complex decisions we can make in schools. Nothing we do, nothing, is without unintended or willing consequences.

We must keep abreast of a rapidly evolving language and be sure the people with whom we are communicating have arrived at the same understanding.

Public schools have the opportunity to impact more future citizens of the world than any other institution. Might we be able to impact rising violence by helping students learn how to deal with challenging emotions?

The educational change debate is fueled by the new tests for students and the associated accountability systems. Debates rage about fundamental things like local control and individual choice.

School shootings have brought mental health issues to a new level of priority. We have a need for a society in which mental health issues can be discussed without fear and shame and where treatment is available for those who need it.

As teachers and leaders, we can benefit from asking ourselves what we know and what we believe about how we inform our students about gender roles and leadership.

Special needs children's lives are affected by Coach Hamilton's masterful acts of empathy and compassion. It is not a sweeping systemic change but it is monumental for the lives touched.

Will the Commissioner continue to dig in his heels, batten down the hatches, and move forward? Will some among us rise, not in hostility or opposition, but with the wisdom of elders to guide and open a path?

Commissioner King deserves better from us. We must be calm enough to do our best thinking not our fastest reacting. With respect and civility we may bring forth a conversation that rudeness and name calling will not.


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