MOOCs provide information, invite participation, invoke curiosity, and encourage learning. Isn't that what we want for all students?

If we change what we teach our children, we can do far more than make them 'college and career ready.' We can change our nation and its future.

Washington, pay attention and take a lesson from us. We make the most of a bad hand because we chose to lead!

The inherent danger is these rubrics have been mandated.It will surely be a morale killer and definitely a missed opportunity if we cannot leverage this mandate.

Children deserve to spend their days growing up in safe and supportive environments. The school is the only environment we can control.

There are many misunderstandings the Common Core. We must listen to the voices of opposition and address concerns and misunderstandings the best way we know how.

We know what we do well but our attention is diverted from true thought time by the tidal wave of mandated change.

In order to lead successful schools we must know how to develop and sustain inclusive communities of which we can be a part.

Marijuana and other drug use are contributing our challenge. While we struggle to raise scores, have students be more engaged, raise attendance rates, help students become part of our communities, we may be pushing hard against a tide we have, societally, not addressed.

Are we leading diversity or are our codes a veiled attempts at homogeneity?


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