No leader can lack integrity. Every time we act, we must ask ourselves, "Is this the right thing to do?" I

Do more teachers than administrators use Twitter?

Pope Francis is one of the world's most visible leaders and so far he seems to be creating a mini case study for the study of transitions in leadership.

Predecessors with good intentions created these contracts and extended these benefits but they could not have foreseen the convergence of social, political and economic forces occurring in this moment. It is our turn to navigate and the old maps no longer serve.

How do we clarify our part in solving the complex set of causes that lead to such horrific actions? One thing is for sure...we must have help.

Let us hold true to making the tough choices, stop marginalizing those who may be different from us. Let us come together to make schools safe for girls, for boys, for those who are different by race or religion or ethnicity or sexual orientation.

We are being asked to lean on our students to prove we are doing our job using a single measure and we know it is not fair to them. Teachers and leaders are faced with the additional burden of being directly evaluated by these results also knowing there is an expected slump in results during these first years of implementation of an expectedly flawed process.

How can the Common Core be implemented successfully when the implementation of the Common Core (at least right now) leaves no time for professional learning, so teachers can make changes in how they think and plan for discovery, creativity, reflection, and fun.

We do not have the time to digest what the Common Core Standards are telling us to do. We need time and that essential time is not allowed. To add insult to injury, students and teachers are evaluated on test results that evaluate these standards that are new and yet unlearned.

The way schools are funded has to change. The country will not thrive unless children in schools are successful. Until we offer a sound basic education to all, systemic excellence is unattainable.


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