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October 05, 2014

Why Turn to Interdisciplinary Learning?

Why we do something is key to understanding what it is we are doing. At the edges of interdisciplinary trans-disciplinary work, answers can be found.

July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Change the Structure of Schools

When we take a mandate and push it into our existing structure, we follow, but do not create a structural shift as we accept new practices. We need a new structure within which these changes can flourish.

July 01, 2014

Values-Based Leadership: Goochland County Public Schools

Most of us spend more than 1/3 of our day at work and if you are going to spend that much time in one place, then you will never truly maximize your own leadership potential unless the organization aligns to your personal values.

May 13, 2014

21st-Century School Design Requires More Than Coding

Our plea is that leaders not allow the emergence of coding or STEM to take the design of our schools out of our hands. We call out to the leaders among us to take hold of this exciting time in our professional lives and begin to design the schools our children need.

May 06, 2014

Girls and STEM

So not only do we have an obligation to prepare all students for STEM fields, it seems that particularly for young women, we need to prepare them to be scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians AND we need to prepare them to be advocates who can champion their cause and fight for equal opportunities in these fields.

May 04, 2014

Bridging the Technology Divide

We need bridge builders to help us see the connections and develop the capacity to integrate technology into our programs...not as an add on. We need those who can break down for us how these 21st century tools can be used within our systems that hold to 20th century requirements and facilities.

April 15, 2014

Become Storytelling Leaders

We need storytellers who can bring together the hopes of parents and the dreams of their children and the gifts of learning and joys of friendship into the experience of schooling. We need generous storytellers who can let the success story in my school become the story of your school also.

April 01, 2014

Let's Put Coding on the Table

Those who are in the wonders of coding, technology, and the maker movement, are an excited bunch. What they develop and offer students is important and relevant.We need to bridge the gap, come together, and make sense of all of this now.

March 18, 2014

Evolving Thoughts of Leaders and Scientists

Dr. Stephen Hawking's work and ours, is steeped in paradox. There are no absolutes, in his work and ours, what we knew worked in the past is giving way to another question and new possibilities for answers. Life is change.

March 11, 2014

STEAMSS - The Emerging Acronym

Integrating STEM begins to break the previous century's model of subject matter as separate domains. This century demands that we engage children in new ways and develop new skills for them. What might have happened in the past as our finest moments now becomes a way of life.

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