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"DREAM Act" Fails to Proceed


Despite passionate floor speeches by U.S. Senators Richard J. Durbin and Harry Reid, both Democrats, supporters of legislation that would give some undocumented students in this country a path toward legalization failed yesterday to win the 60 votes they needed for the bill to proceed in the legislative process. According to the Office of the Secretary of the U.S. Senate, 52 senators voted "yea" on the "DREAM Act," 40 lawmakers voted "nay," and four didn't vote.

"I could go through for an hour or more the stories of these young people that I've met," Mr. Durbin said in his remarks on the floor. "They are hopeful and heartbreaking at the same time—hopeful because these are young people who have the same dreams that my children have, the same dreams that every American has, to have a good life, a good family."

He characterized the undocumented youths who would benefit from the bill as hard workers who deserve a chance to be legalized.

Critics of the bill say that it's providing a form of amnesty to undocumented people. For more on the bill, see "Defense Authorization Moves Forward Without "DREAM Act." The DREAM Act is short for the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act.

Oct. 25 Update: A spokeswoman for Sen. Durbin told me in a telephone conversation today that because the current legislative session ends soon—Nov. 16—the DREAM Act doesn't have a chance of passing this fall. She noted that Sen. Durbin has said, "It's tough to get immigration legislation passed in this session. Imagine how tough it will be during the last session before the presidential elections."



As we struggle to know our domestic enemies. No, matter your political party affiliation, and setting aside your thoughts on issues. We all need to remember what it is to be an American Citizen. We need to make sure our elected representatives obey their Oath of Office and keep their Oath of Allegiance. See http://tinyurl.com/2znnvl Know whom you are voting for. America needs American Patriots NOT a bunch of naturalized citizens who just want a lifetime of benefits.

Funny, I wonder if so many people who oppose the bill would have done the same when it was their ancestors in the line of fire. My guess is, not on their hypocritical lives.

How about this. You have already wasted at least $6000 a year per child educating them. Thats about $72000 per child for the 12 years of school. Mind you a lot of these people have never been outside of the US and the sad thing is their "Spanish" is not even that good. Might as well get them to pay taxes right? So my suggestion is compromise.

1. Pay a fine if need be.

2. Remove the ability to become a citizen or resident until they have graduated (look at 4). Maybe some kind of temporary student visa for five years until they finish college.

3.Make them pay out of state tuition if they have not been in the state for the required amount of time. I think most states after a 2 years of paying out of state tuition people can qualify for in state tuition. This avoids the "unfairness" of paying in state tuition for "illegals".

Please Remember that at least they are paying sales tax! It could be worse.

4. Upon graduation then they can apply for H1 style visa that should be crated for these cases. If they pay taxes and dont have a criminal record then allow them to move forward with a path to citizenship.

5. Some of these people who arrived under very young are for all practical porpuses raised in american culture and at least are in some ways "American"

6. Chain migration has to be reconsidered and fixed. So that people can't take advantage of the system.

These are my 2 cents.

Secure the border and then we'll talk. When the boat has a leak, the first thing you don't do is wonder what to do with all your new water.

These are the same politicians who gave our jobs to Mexico, China and India. Now they want the children of illegal aliens to have our childrens college place, and their Pell grant or loan. All of which our tax dollars paid for. Why would we actually vote for anyone who disrepects us like that?

A Christian view on immigration:

"When it comes to immigration, I absolutely must support the Democrats. I am taught by Jesus in the gospel to welcome the stranger. God shows me from before Jesus was born, when Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt, that economic and political forces work against the immigrant family, forcing them to flee from their beloved homeland to a strange place fraught with peril. When I feed the immigrant, clothe her, house her, and provide her medical care, I am doing so to Jesus. I am not instructed in the Bible to first ask for papers proving immigration status. My job as a Catholic Democrat is to help the candidate understand how to design an immigration system that is fair to both the immigrant and my country."

Amen to that. Click my name to read the whole essay.

In states that have passed their own state versions of the DREAM Act, there has been success. The fact of the matter is that these children are most likely going to stay in this country. We can either have more more doctors, teachers and engineers or more laborers.

I dare anyone who has made a derogatory comment about these children to go to a high school and face them--tell them that, even though they have committed no crime other than to accompany their parents, that they will be punished for the rest of their lives.

I like that about knowing who you vote for. This week's news announced the war in Iraq will cost
$2.4 TRILLION DOLLARS. The ignorant hateful prattle is intended to get the conservative base to the polls.
Some people are easily manipulated and hate is so obvious....but only some people. Follow the money.....

Paul keep God's name out your mouth u ignorant fool!I have no doubt God will teach u what u need to learn.

exactly Robert! Right on!

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