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Blending In--Yet Keeping "Heartfelt Connection" to Native Language


The Orlando Sentinel ran an article this week, "Immigrants want to blend in, keep mother tongue," that touches on some big-picture issues concerning language policy in this country. The United States has never made English its official language, although 30 states have, it says. It tells some personal stories of immigrants or children of immigrants who want to blend in with U.S. society by speaking English yet also want to keep their language and culture.


It's a good article. Well balanced.

But the comments are filled with hate in ways that seem both orchestrated and astonishing. I wish papers would exercise better vigilance over postings. Free speech is one thing; but some postings are over-the-top and would not be allowed in public venues where people physically gather.

I completely agree. The article is very-well written, but controls should be implemented on the comments. The people that feel a great deal of hatred or derision toward immigrants and those who cannot speak English that well (or at all) is rather disgusting.

It enriches us all to have such a diverse population; however, as the author quoted a professor in her article, Americans feel that people who have not learned English are being "disloyal to the country."

My response to those people is: "Put yourself in their shoes. They are many times forced from their country because of poor political, economic, or environmental conditions -- they need to provide for their families while trying to learn a second language...a very difficult situation to find oneself in, indeed."

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