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Angelina Jolie and Microsoft Team Up to Help Unaccompanied Minors

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I've met some of these kids. Some of you have met some of these kids. Each year about 8,000 immigrant children who have crossed illegally into the United States without their parents and been arrested by federal immigration authorities are turned over to the care of the U.S. government. Microsoft, 25 law firms, and Angelina Jolie, the actress and human rights activist, have joined together to ensure that the children have lawyers to represent them in navigating the immigration system, according to an Oct. 16 article in the National Law Journal. From what I've learned in my reporting, even if they have a good lawyer, some of these kids may be detained in a shelter for more than a year.

Meanwhile, a new documentary has just been released that tells more about why unaccompanied children from other countries try to cross into the United States illegally and what life is like for them at one shelter in Los Angeles, Casa Libre, where some of them end up. (Hat tip to ImmigrationProf blog.)

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According to an article date on the linked website, Microsoft was doing this in 2004 so is this an expansion of the program? Do they have any statistics or data from their involvement?

I do have concerns about Casa Libre relating illegal border crossing detainees, minors or not, with the post 911 war on terror and Guantanamo. They knowingly broke the law. But the following quote from your linked article may indicate more benefit for children than Microsoft/Gates Ed in '08:

Mr. Lopez is one of the few students in the class of working immigrants who have done their homework. He has a goal. He wants to attend a community college and eventually become either a social worker or a lawyer “like Michelle”—the lawyer who helped him stay legally in the United States.

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