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Texas Superintendent Cracks Down on Enrollment of Mexican Residents


Both CNN and the Associated Press have reported this month that a school district superintendent in Del Rio, Texas, is cracking down on the enrollment of Mexican residents who cross the U.S.-Mexico border each day to attend school.

Legally, school districts are obliged to enroll children who reside in the United States, regardless of their immigration status. They aren't required to take children who actually live in Mexico.

Interestingly, the superintendent is Kelt Cooper, the superintendent of the San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated School District.

He's the same man who was hired by Arizona Superintendent of Instruction Tom Horne to provide technical assistance and monitor programs for English-language learners in that state. He's also the same educator who was superintendent of the Nogales Unified School District in Arizona, where a long-running court case regarding funding for ELL programs originated. Cooper was credited with improving programs for ELLs in that district and testified in federal court on the side of Arizona officials who felt such programs were adequately funded. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June that the federal courts needed to take another look at the case, Horne v. Flores, and consider "changed circumstances."

Horne has also tried to crack down on schools that allegedly enroll Mexican residents. In May, he sent staff to videotape vans that he claimed were transporting students across the border to a charter school in Arizona.

Maybe Cooper was inspired by Horne to push this issue, once he left Arizona for Texas.


What an interesting story. Talk about intrigue? There are far too many questions to ask. The question I pose is how this fits into the overall political agenda advocated by Arizona and Texas. My instincts tell me that this is but one puzzle piece of the puzzle. Hopefully, the persons mentioned will do an in-depth interview and explain their stance.

L Alcott

If it were my district I would be upset that funds are being wasted on such things as sending out undercover video cameras.

What a sad state of affairs when adults are persecuting children for trying to get an education no matter how long it takes to travel or what dangers they may face in crossing the border.

What a sad state of affairs when people try to justify watering down the curriculum for our children and spending huge amounts of our resources educating children who are not even American citizens. (All the while spending our tax dollars to get it done.) We should be focusing on providing a first class education for our own children first, and worrying about the problems of Mexican citizens as a secondary issue. It is sad that everyone can’t have as good of a lifestyle as we do in this country, but our children are not being helped by having a large part of our resources redirected to people who are citizens of other countries.

More power to Superintendent Kelt Cooper. I hope Del Rio will get behind him. We do have a few members of the Del Rio community that like to draw attention to themselves by opposing various progressive moves.
It is high time that we US citizens cease to pay for non resident children's education - especially in times when money is so tight. If we really wanted to improve our education system we would cease to accept pay for counting the heads of the kids in school, and raise the standard of education instead of lowering it.

Good for the Superintendent. Mexico needs to learn to take care of it's own people. Vincente Fox even said recently that the US should spend up to 2% of it's GDP to raise wages for Mexican citizens in Mexico! How ludicrous have we become? School districts need resources to take care of the children who live within the district, not those who pay no taxes and break laws. The ends don't justify the means. Mexico will never get rid of the corruption and try to improve the lives of their people so long as they US is willing to bail them out.

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