A bill is making its way through the Arizona legislator that would permit some schools to opt out of the state's required program for English-language learners.

Initially, children's study habits tend to slip and their academic performance suffers, says a study released this week by the Urban Institute.

It offers practical guidance for how teachers can help English-language learners increase their knowledge of English while they're also learning content.

A new edition of the English-learning carnival has been posted.

The Philadelphia school district has a message on its voice mail system notifying callers that a language hotline is available for interpretation in languages other than English or Spanish.

A couple of new research projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education indicate that the Obama administration may be more open than the George W. Bush administration was in exploring how schools can draw on students' native languages to help them learn English.

Some of her teachers were encouraging, she said, but others underestimated her potential.

The Mexican government makes a concerted effort to help Mexican immigrants become integrated into the United States.

Education Week has put together a set of articles as part of its Spotlight series that focus on English-language learners in the classroom.

Some educators in Florida have been preparing for the possibility that they could receive a large number of Haitian students who are trying to flee the devastation in their country.

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