Researchers at a conference presented findings that show that English-language learners, and other students with weak verbal skills, benefit from oral language.

Two U.S. senators have proposed an amendment that civil rights groups contend would discourage participation in the census by Latinos or other minorities. At the same time the U.S. Census Bureau has a project in school to try to increase the reach of the census to underrepresented groups.

U.S. District Judge Wayne Justice, who more than a quarter of a century ago ordered Texas to educate undocumented children, passed away on Oct. 13.

Guatemalans and Hondurans are more likely to have limited skills in English than eight other groups of Hispanics living in the United States.

English-language learners in 8th grade performed a tad worse in math on the National Assessment of Educational Progress in 2009 than they did in 2007.

Christina Porter is a literacy coach at Revere High School in Massachusetts and has co-taught William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and "Midsummer Night's Dream" to a class of English-language learners.

Newcomer centers are increasingly offering academic content as well as classes in beginning English, according to a study by the Center for Applied Linguistics.

A report by two researchers from New York University features efforts to integrate immigrants in to their homelands, including a number of after-school projects from around the world.

An post over at My English Pages makes the case that dictation has a role in the modern ELL classroom.

An advocacy group has filed a complaint with the office for civil rights of the U.S. Department of Education arguing that the Centinela Valley Union High School District discriminated against English-language learners.

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