Rooting out teacher bias and focusing on family engagement are some of the steps schools can take to identify more English-language learners for gifted and talented education.

Few teachers reported assigning English-learners to use digital learning resources outside of class, in part because of concerns about students' lack of access to technology at home, finds a U.S. Department of Education survey.

Mandarin Chinese, French, German, and Vietnamese are also among five most-offered types of dual-language programs, a new federal report shows.

An Education Week analysis finds some big holes in a federal database on English-language-learner students in the nation's school districts, and that's a concern for researchers in the the field.

While Spanish remains the most commonly spoken English-learner language by far, the numbers for speakers of Arabic and Chinese have grown dramatically over the past decade, federal data show.

Education Week's top English-language learner stories on 2019 explored who's teaching the nation's English-learners and the struggles those educators encounter on the job, how the Trump administration's immigration policies affected students and their families and examined why more schools in the United States are embracing bilingualism.

José Viana led the office of English-language acquisition since April 2017. The Education Department has not announced a successor.

English-language-learner families are less likely to attend parent-teacher conferences and other school-related events, which means they miss out on important opportunities to communicate about their children's academic progress.

"I will forever be grateful for the opportunity and privilege I have been given to serve my country and its learners," Viana wrote in an email to supporters this week.

In Washington, D.C., Oklahoma City, and other cities last week, high school students staged walkouts to support an Obama-era program that rotected young immigrants who were undocumented from deportation.

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