A new issue of American Educator magazine spotlights what research says about instruction for English-language learners.

For teachers who work with English-language learners, there's more to grasp than the new common standards in English/language arts and mathematics and the coming assessments that go with them. Also coming are new and revamped English-language-proficiency standards connected to the language demands in the common core, and soon, a new set of assessments to measure the progress that ELLs make toward becoming proficient in their new language. It's a major shakeup that will play out over the next few years. So it helps to have those who are most intimately involved with these new standards/testing efforts take the ...

Very few teacher preparation programs are adequately addressing the needs of English-language learners, a new review finds.

For first time ever, the state of Nevada will provide funds to school districts to support programs for English-language learners.

New United States Census Bureau population estimates show that Asians are the fastest-growing race or ethnic group in the country.

Tim Kaine, a Virginia Democrat, makes speech in Spanish calling for the passage of comprehensive immigration reform.

The nation's most ELL-rich school district continues to roll out its latest plan to raise achievement for students who are still learning English.

More schools would be held accountable for the performance of English-learners under the provisions of a bill to reauthorize the federal education law.

The U.S. Secretary of Education calls the home languages of English-learners assets for educators to build on.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval is the first Nevada governor to propose additional spending on the state's English-language learners.

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