Adult language learners should strive for effective communication without worrying about sounding like native speakers.

See and hear the two-way immersion model at work in San Jose's Gardner Academy.

Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee all saw increases in enrollment over four-year period.

Reporter shares a few more highlights from a story on the rise of dual language immersion programs in public schools.

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum raises hackles in Puerto Rico with comments that English become the island's "main language" as a condition of statehood.

A study that examined longitudinal data from Texas reveals that students who remain in language acquisition courses for five or more years perform much more poorly than ELL peers who exited such programs in three or fewer years.

A dual-language pilot program in three Silicon Valley elementary schools is showing promise of developing biliterate students who, by third grade, perform as well as peers who are native English speakers.

Teachers and administrators report little awareness of how the new standards will be implemented in their classrooms or what resources they will have to adapt the standards for English-learners.

Students from San Diego write an open letter to the education community to describe the sobering realities of having no legal status, especially as they approach high school graduation and adulthood.

A new report documents the long and winding journey through the U.S. immigration system for unaccompanied minors.

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