A state law that allows undocumented students to qualify for state aid to public colleges and universities won't be challenged on upcoming ballot.

A new study from the Center for Applied Linguistics details features of programs that successfully serve adolescent immigrants who must learn English in a compressed time frame.

Former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania also opposes bilingual education and any version of the DREAM Act.

Leading GOP candidate for president says English immersion is best

Fate of controversial ethnic studies program at stake

District-level recognition of mastering at least two languages goes statewide on January 1

The growth in non-English speaking population impacts public schools in many states.

Undocumented workers who file taxes with the Internal Revenue Service would lose access to refundable child tax credits under a proposal put forward by Republicans in Congress.

Research builds on earlier studies that show large gaps between ELLs and non-ELLs

Lawmakers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico introduce bills and resolutions related to immigration.

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