The provision requiring schools to collect and report on students' immigration status was among those blocked.

Student filmmaker Emileigh Potter talks about The DREAMERS, which was voted "most inspiring" at PBS's Project VoiceScape awards.

Colombian pop star Shakira is one of four new appointees to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.

A new study from the University of Missouri suggests that Mexican-Americans in U.S. schools fare better when they maintain a connection to their heritage. "Culture Predicts Mexican Americans' College Self-Efficacy and College Performance," published in the journal Culture and College Outcomes, shows that Mexican-Americans who continued to speak Spanish and remained attached to their cultural heritage had higher GPAs and were more successful in college. David Aguayo, a doctoral student, surveyed more than 400 Mexican-American students for the survey. He attributes some of that success to the reduced stress felt by students who were able to maintain traditions or ...

Some interesting news from Florida: Last week, Florida's Board of Education voted that parents of English-language learners can opt for their child to stop receiving ELL services even if the student has not tested as proficient in English. The main concern is that this opt-out implies that the districts aren't required to provide services to ELLs. The AP quotes Lucas da Silva of the Florida Immigrant Youth Network: "It makes it seem the state isn't obliged to provide this education to students." Representatives from the board say that most parents won't opt out—they haven't traditionally—and that those students...

More Hispanic children live in poverty than in the U.S. than ever before, and, for the first time, more Hispanic children than white children live in poverty.

Wisconsin received a $10.5 million grant from the Department of Education to develop an online assessment for English-language learners. Wisconsin is working with WIDA and a 28-state consortium.

Although it's likely to face more court challenges, parts of a new Alabama law that would allow schools to check children's immigration status have passed their first legal test.

An exercise in "extreme schooling" mirrors the experience of countless ELLs in immersion classrooms, and is a good reminder of the anxiety, struggles, and frustration that come with attending school in a language you don't understand and a culture that's brand new - even in the best of cases.

Republican candidates disagree about whether the children of illegal aliens should be able to receive in-state tuition, prompted by the Texas Dream Act.

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