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Here's a quick pop quiz you can take to determine if your school and or system is on the right track in how it approaches professional learning.

In an exploratory study about the use of technology resources, teachers note many aspects that are helpful in implementing Common Core standards as well as challenges that remain.

Rep. Jared Polis recently offered an education-law amendment to improve the definition of professional learning in federal law.

A recent survey indicates that superintendents don't have confidence in their districts' professional development. With their sustained attention to this school improvement strategy, perhaps their perspectives could shift.

When faced with implementing change, conversations can be time savers and essential to success.

Santa Fe High School joined a network of schools that helped the school identify problems of practice and use a backmapping model to plan a great year of growing teacher capacity and student learning.

Given the increased demand for professional learning, state education agency and school system leaders must make bold decisions about current investments in professional learning and how to repurpose resources to achieve their high-priority goals.


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