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Frederick Brown explores the most popular publications downloaded from The Wallace Foundation that includes a mix of perspectives, groundbreaking research reports, and insightful publications from multiple organizations that connect leadership to teacher and student learning.

In professional learning that leads to changed educator practices and improved student results, there are five shifts that must occur. See how your state, system, school, or learning team measures up.

As the Learning Forward staff reads StrengthsFinder 2.0 and uses the accompanying assessment to identify individual strengths, Carol François reflects on the importance of having each team member understand what makes him or her strong individually in order to have a strong team.

When school board members engage in effective professional learning themselves, they will ensure its implementation across the school system and hold the superintendent accountable for it. Stephanie Hirsh and Anne Foster share five ways school boards can practice effective professional learning.

Stephanie Hirsh shares how Learning Forward works toward a culture that is productive, supportive, fun, and accountable.

Frederick Brown publicly commits to two New Year's resolutions in support of improving practice and advocating on behalf of learning for everyone, and asks you to share your own "learner-centered" resolutions.


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