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If you have uttered the words, "Our district is saving a ton of time by delivering new and improved professional learning, and our people couldn't be happier," Frederick Brown says that's just not how this works!

As professional learning leaders, we have a charge to advocate for and design high-quality summer learning options for the educators we serve, says Carol François. Just as students experience summer learning loss, so do adults.

Dawn F. Wilson shares how evaluating professional learning is an important endeavor for stakeholders at all levels, including policy makers, system leaders, and school-based educators.

Stephanie Hirsh explores the practice of debating beliefs as a part of strategic planning and its effect on teams and actions.

This has been a long winter for most people. Whether they have experienced severe drought, bitter cold, heavy rains and winds, or endless snows, most are ready for a change of season. It is also a time for changing seasons in professional learning.

Tracy Crow shares some simple steps to help educators embrace ongoing changes in the learning profession.

To properly understand their role in continuous improvement through professional learning, says Stephanie Hirsh and Anne Foster, a school board's members must study and learn together, demonstrating that they value learning for everyone on the team.

What do we hope to see when we read the OECD reports, look at the winners of Broad prizes, and look at top scorers in the National Assessment of Educational Progress? We're hunting for the "secret sauce," says Stephanie Hirsh, and she has an answer to what it is.

Time is a precious commodity in schools, and if we're committed to changing results for students, we have to challenge our assumptions about time for professional learning.


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