What do we hope to see when we read the OECD reports, look at the winners of Broad prizes, and look at top scorers in the National Assessment of Educational Progress? We're hunting for the "secret sauce," says Stephanie Hirsh, and she has an answer to what it is.

Time is a precious commodity in schools, and if we're committed to changing results for students, we have to challenge our assumptions about time for professional learning.

Remodeling Literacy Learning Together: Paths to Standards Implementation, from the National Center for Literacy Education, offers more strong evidence that when educators engage frequently in meaningful collaboration, their power to change practices and help more students at higher levels increases significantly.

Ambitious school improvement efforts aren't for the faint-hearted. Before you embark on your next professional learning initiative, ask these questions to make sure that you and your team are ready to make the commitment necessary to achieve ongoing success.

Joellen Killion asks, "Which professional learning standards should we address as we plan?" The answer is simple, she says: The standards work as an integrated whole, so it is all or none.

As policies transform expectations for students and educators, policies must transform expectations for professional learning. Stephanie Hirsh shares a chart to consider how well your state or system is transforming its professional learning policies.

Learning Forward hopes that educators find joy in learning. Read how achieving outcomes from aligning adult learning with our Standards for Professional Learning are a path to joy, and then share your own moments of joy with us.

Julie Blaine, president of the Learning Forward Board of Trustees, shares a success story that demonstrates the innovation and dedication it takes to rise to the top when implementing and supporting districtwide learning.

Education evaluation systems claim to place professional growth and development at their heart. However, too much focus on operational components and not enough on the learning may set up potentially nullifying circumstances.

Frederick Brown explores the most popular publications downloaded from The Wallace Foundation that includes a mix of perspectives, groundbreaking research reports, and insightful publications from multiple organizations that connect leadership to teacher and student learning.


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