Beginning this weekend, more than 3,000 attendees will gather in Dallas for five days of networking, inquiry, problem solving, and paradigm shifting. Stephanie Hirsh shares several suggestions for getting the most out of this or any conference learning experience.

When Stephanie Hirsh thinks about emerging leaders and their connection to professional learning and school improvement, she envisions three stages to propelling such leaders forward so they can have the greatest impact on educator and student learning.

A recent report calls for deeper integration of educator effectiveness, Common Core standards, and professional learning. Joellen Killion explores how to weave these three components together.

See how Carol François is planning rigorous and relevant learning at Learning Forward conferences through a new project that aligns conference sessions to the Learning Designs standard.

On Stephanie Hirsh's last vacation, she went beyond her comfort zone by several miles. While it left her shaking, it was a valuable reminder about both the difficulties and benefits of stretching in a new direction.

As educators at the state level consider whether to adopt the existing Standards for Professional Learning or adapt them, Stephanie Hirsh offers these questions to avoid delaying the important work of changing practice so that student results improve.

In this era of major reforms in education, professional learning often falls short in transforming educator practice due to insufficient planning for professional learning.

New forms of teacher evaluation are taking root throughout the country, but a new report from the Southern Regional Education Board unintentionally reveals the initiatives' serious limitations when it comes to transitioning teachers from objects of evaluation to engaged learners.

A recent discussion with the Standards Board Committee in Ohio led to a big "aha" moment linking the seven Standards for Professional Learning with the conditions necessary for effective professional learning.

When it comes to finding professional development opportunities that claim to be aligned with the Common Core standards, these eight considerations will help you make the best decisions possible.


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