As teachers return to school along with over 50 million students for another year of learning, they do so with excitement, anticipation, and apprehension.

Frederick Brown uses the Standards for Professional Learning to describe the kind of learning he'd like fellow commuters to receive.

TNTP's new report highlights the ineffectiveness of traditional professional development and the importance of standards-based professional learning.

Jeff Ronneberg shares how professional learning must be at the core of any change initiative, including Common Core.

The Wallace Foundation and the RAND Corporation released a report, Getting to Work on Summer Learning: Recommended Practices for Success, that highlights professional learning in summer learning programs.

Read four suggestions for accelerating substantive learning essential for transforming educator practice and beliefs when implementing Common Core.

Educators can become students in their own classrooms and model high-quality learning by giving students a voice.

Here's a quick pop quiz you can take to determine if your school and or system is on the right track in how it approaches professional learning.

In an exploratory study about the use of technology resources, teachers note many aspects that are helpful in implementing Common Core standards as well as challenges that remain.

Rep. Jared Polis recently offered an education-law amendment to improve the definition of professional learning in federal law.


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