What attributes should we strive to develop in students, teachers, and ourselves?

Research on change can help us lead, plan, design, facilitate, support, and sustain professional learning.

The coming year will bring challenges and opportunities we must meet collaboratively.

The mere existence of data makes no difference. To truly increase student achievement, data must be used in planning and evaluation, and supported by leadership and resources.

What does a learning system look like from the perspective of a student? It would include eight key elements.

To ensure all students are taught by effective teachers, teachers must be supported through a comprehensive system of professional learning.

All educators have a responsibility -- as well as opportunities -- to show leadership.

The only way to successfully implement Common Core is through long-term, committed practice informed by professional learning.

When people tell me they can't find the time for collaborative professional learning in their schools, my answer is, you can't afford not to find the time.

Advocating for effective professional learning is an essential responsibility of educators.


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