More than 1,100 educators gathered in Indianapolis last week for Learning Forward's 2011 Summer Conference.

Learning Forward released its newly revised Standards for Professional Learning yesterday at its 2011 Summer Conference.

LSA has become an international network of learning schools, but it began with a simple desire to put Learning Forward's definition of professional learning into action.

The most successful schools are places where everyone shares responsibility for the success of all students.

As leaders, it is imperative that we remind the adults in our schools and districts of their responsibility to protect all children.

The effectiveness of any new classroom technology depends on the capacity of teachers to use it effectively.

Any serious effort to improve schools, and the learning of students who attend them, must address the need to change professional development as we now know it.

Executives from some of the country's leading organizations share what effective professional learning means for their employees.

To implement effective professional learning, educators must overcome the traditional barriers of time and money, as well as misconceptions about what professional learning actually is.

Removing ineffective teachers is not a long-term strategy that will pay off for students. Ensuring great teaching is.


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