A new study confirms that to impact student achievement, professional development must be intensive enough to significantly increase teachers' knowledge and skills.

Teacher leaders and principals will win the battle to create high-performing and equitable schools for our children.

John Wooden's coaching principles should still resonate with educators today.

By answering four questions, school districts can keep their professional development focused on what matters most -- authentic learning.

We need to look more closely at studies that reveal the ineffectiveness of particular professional development programs.

We need to highlight examples of professional learning's impact on school performance and student achievement.

Teacher leaders carry significant responsibility for school improvement, teaching quality, and student learning.

The president made an important statement about professional learning at the National Teacher of the Year ceremony.

The challenges we face in schools require the skills, expertise and leadership of our nation's teachers.

States are expected to hold professional development providers accountable for their results. How do they do that?


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