The fashion industry's lack of patent protection spurs innovation and improvement. Educators, take note.

Stephanie Hirsh makes a compelling case for what constitutes effective professional development, and why it is necessary.

StudentsFirst's policy agenda fails to recommend policies that promote effective professional learning.

How do we maintain, increase, enhance, or improve teaching quality? Through continuous professional learning.

A recent report cites ongoing professional learning for educators as a priority investment for improving student performance.

From finding time for professional learning to evaluating the effectiveness of professional development programs, here are some answers to frequently asked PD-related questions.

The final phase of Learning Forward's study of professional learning in the U.S. looks at four states that have taken an active role in professional learning, with positive results.

Getting professional learning communities off the ground can create lots of excitement, but it also means an increased workload for everyone involved.

State education agencies can do four things to ensure that the Common Core State Standards have an impact on student learning.

Ten ways that 2011 can become the year we move closer to every educator engaging in effective professional learning every day so every student achieves.


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