Education Week's Leaders To Learn From Advances Lessons for All Leaders

Education leaders who will be recognized for their contributions to their districts share views that resonate for leaders in the business world, too.

Louisiana Governor, Ed. Agency Spar Over School Contracts

Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration has questioned the awarding of small contracts by the state education agency; some see it as a fight related to common-core standards battles.

Schools Aren't Giving Students Necessary 'Big Data' Skills, Report Says

The ability to turn large amounts of raw data into useful information is increasingly important, but K-12 schools aren't teaching the required skills and knowledge adequately, a group of experts in the field say.

Pearson Wins Bid to Develop PISA 2018 Frameworks

The multinational education company will work on redefining reading literacy, reviewing math and science, and a way to measure global competence, among other measures.

Ed-Tech Market Grows More Than 5 Percent, Industry Association Reports

The ed-tech market grew to almost $8.4 billion last year, according to an analysis by the Software & Information Industry Association.

Federal Judge Dismisses Investor Lawsuit Against K12 Inc.

Judge Anthony J. Trenga ruled against plaintiffs who had claimed K12 Inc. leaders misled investors about the performance of the company.

Education Companies' Profits on Federal Contracts to be Negotiated

The White House Office of Management and Budget is changing its rules so that federally funded contracts worth $150,000 or more will require school districts to negotiate profits with contractors.

Curriculum Associates' Chairman Talks About 'Giving His Company Away'

The chairman and co-founder of Curriculum Associates is being inducted into the Educational Publishers Hall of Fame, a milestone in his decades of work in the field.

ExxonMobil CEO Bemoans Texas' Stance on Common Core

Rex Tillerson, the CEO of the massive oil-and-gas producer Exxon-Mobil, blasted public officials from his corporation's home state for opposing the common core.

Who Calls the Shots in School Purchasing? Vendors, K-12 Officials Disagree

Company officials and K-12 leaders have very different views of who wields the most influence over school district buying decisions, a study shows.


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