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Girls Dominate Science Competition

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I hope my 4-year-old daughter has the science genes and motivation to follow in the footsteps of this group of girls, who recently swept the prestigious Siemens high school science competition. This is the first time ever that girls have won all the grand prizes in the competition, according to this Associated Press story.

This is great news for girls and maybe the stereotype that girls are not good at math and science is beginning to disappear.

But the underside of these results is the question: What is the matter with the boys? Are they on the decline?

As the father of three sons and having written about this issue in some depth in the past, those questions have to be asked.

Science educators: What are you seeing in your classrooms? Are girls showing more interest in science than boys? Or are the results of this competition merely a statistical blip in the world of gender equity in science?

1 Comment

It's good to hear girls are finding a stronger interest in these important subjects. My daughter has shown a strong interest and ability in science as well as math aptitude (though a bit less love for the subject). My son also is quite strong and interested in both subjects. One can hope that efforts to strengthen girls in these subjects haven't rebounded on the boys.

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