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Cultivating Creativity

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This story in the Tuscaloosa News hits on a lot of what we talk about here on Motivation Matters. The article tells the story of three high school students who won an international creativity and problem-solving competition while they were in elementary school and went on to found an organization that promotes those same values. Their project, THINK Organization LLC, promotes "creative thinking, deductive reasoning, public speaking, community involvement and teamwork." So far, the teens have headed a pilot program at an elementary school and hope to branch out to after-school programs and community organizations, like the YMCA.

This is a great example of encouraging creativity in the classroom, not to mention student leadership. As we've seen in the past, creativity and innovation are skills that are both hard to teach and invaluable for success later on in the workplace. Reaching kids at such a young age to cultivate a creative mindset seems like it may have far-reaching implications for those students--it obviously did for the three students who created the organization.

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I am glad people are realizing that thinking is one of the greatest tools we received from God.
I have been in this country for 26 years and I have seen huge economical waste on a daily basis. If any mechanical device does not work, technical staff has been trained to change big parts or discard the device. People do not realize that a change of a little part could make the device useful and safe.
Young people do amazing things with computerization; however, they lack the ability to perform mathematical calculations without calculators or to make critical decisions without having the "the how to make decisions for dummies guide".
In the third world countries, children are encrouraged to think and they have to be as creative as they can because there is not enough money to give them electronic tools to do their work. Thinking increases creativity, and creativity reduces lots of economic waste.
I still excercise my mind, my hands and legs to the execute essential functions that can be performed without any additional device. This actions continuosly provide me with economical saving. I am very thankful for not loosing my educational and thinking foundations.
The best book in the world says that physical training is great; however, mental and spiritual training as well as continuous excercise helps to deal with all kinds of stress.
I hope that we could all use our thinking and creativity abilities as much as we can. It could translate in additional improvements, especialy when they are applied in the people oriented services.

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