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Camp Invention: The Value of Hands-On Activities

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Here's another example of a summer camp that aims to introduce kids to opportunities they may not have the chance to experience during the school year. The Ohio-based program is called Camp Invention, and it fuses hands-on activities with science, math, history, and the arts.

The most recent week of the program focused specifically on combining science and entrepreneurial skills, something I think is key for success in today's global economy, but which teachers often do not get the opportunity to specifically address during the school year.

In my opinion, through programs like this one, there's great potential to spark interest in subject areas and skill sets that students may not normally be introduced to. And hopefully that newly found motivation will carry forward into the academic school year in different ways.

1 Comment

Isn't it interesting that we, as teachers, don't "have time" for as much hands-on, reality-based activities that help students make connections between science and business? Isn't that the key ingredient educators are striving for: practical learning? More importantly, I am a strong advocate of anything that raises student motivation. Why keep these amazing learning experiences tucked away for use only during the summer? Let's use these summer programs as models for the regular school year. Trust me, if you are a good and creative educator, any reasonable learning activitiy can be tied to your state standards. Go for it- bring innovation back to the school year! Great article.

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