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The Power of One Reading Challenge

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Before the school year started, I started a little narrative about my non-reader 13-year-old picking up a book called The Power of One and showing miraculous signs that he might be capable of actually reading a novel from start to finish.

It looked good at first as he cruised through 100 pages in a little over a week. But since school has started, his pace has slowed considerably. He is now only inching along and is on page 117.

I hope to get him back on track, but he keeps telling me he has no time for pleasure reading because he's got too much to read for school.

The reading challenge marches on. Any ideas for enticing him to continue reading?

1 Comment

It is a sad-but-true fact of modern life that kids have too much homework and it prevents them from doing fun things like reading. Parents are constantly telling me that their children "used to like to read but now hate it" because of so much homework. Suggest to your son that reading for pleasure is MORE important than homework (!), and he will feel refreshed and recharged if he reads what he wants once in awhile. Perhaps he can start with his own choice of reading and then move onto assigned reading.

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