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Obama, Hillary to Address AFT

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This just in. Barack Obama will address the AFT convention July 13 via live satellite feed, just like he did for the NEA. But the AFT has also lined up Hillary Clinton, who was the union's first choice for president and who they endorsed in October last year. What's more, she will be at the convention in person when she speaks to the delegates July 12.

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What is going to be the new accountability “measuring stick” for schools under the Obama administration? Will parents and students also have accountability standards? Currently, we teachers are judged on our ability to teach based on test score results as defined by our state. In the state of GA, the cut scores are changed so that inner city Atlanta and Savannah students et al. can pass. The GA Department of Education likes to do what I call “hiding kids” with data reporting. Also the testing companies they hire to create tests for the state also have their own agenda and interpret the curriculum as they see fit. That totally undermines what the teachers in the state are teaching and what the students are learning. So, what is the Obama administration going to do to curtail federal meddling in state and local education decisions?

J. Spencer, Ed.S
Science Teacher

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