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Trouble at AFT's Chicago Local

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This might not have been the best time for the AFT to go to Chicago. Even as the biennial convention is being held here, in what was the birthplace of the national union, there is a kettle of fish smelling up the local AFT affiliate led by president Marilyn Stewart.

This morning, delegates walking into the convention hall were greeted by the union's vice-president, Ted Dallas, handing out fliers emblazoned with "Union Democracy Dumped in Chicago."

Dallas, who ran on Stewart's slate for the past two elections, has been charged with lavish spending on his union credit card and the union voted to take him to trial. Dallas in turn has sued the union right back, claiming Stewart was a big spender. Read the Chicago Sun Times story.

Meanwhile, what on earth is on with the CTU Web site, which seems to have lost almost all of its content?

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The reason for the website change is due to John Ostenburg and Marilyn Stewart. Under the guise of "saving money", they did away with information flow significantly impacting the union members ability to obtain information from their union.

For all the talk of administrative "transparency", their favorite word, information is becoming opaque. I suggest anyone interested go to http://www.ctunet.com/chicagounionteacher.html and read Ostenburg's editorial on page 2. It is a lie and all statements can easily be refuted with documents that support the true facts.

Members should voice their disapproval to [email protected] and [email protected]

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